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These are some of our "Special Cat cases. Highlights just a few of the many kitties that we have rescued from dire, near death situations. Please donate today so we can continue to help and care for kitties such as these and many more like them....

Holly was snatched literally from the jaws of death one cold, wet Sunday evening in November 2016.

She and her sister were found on a conveyor belt in the recycling plant in Grangemouth and would have been squashed had they not been rescued.

They were taken on a bike ride by one of the workers to a lady’s house who contacted one of the volunteers who feeds the cats, who then contacted ourselves at Cat Action Trust.

They were tiny, cold and very vulnerable little bundles which we raced, inside a coat to keep them warm, to our go to lady who has been bottle feeding little babies like these for years.

There they were nursed and fed every 2 hours. Unfortunately 2 days later the smaller of the

two whom we had named Twinkle just faded away. She was just too small to survive. However Holly fought on.

She was such a wee bundle of mischief even then, refusing to be weaned and sticking firmly to her bottle! Finally and I’m sure just when she wanted to, she started eating wet cat food but only with constant coaxing!

Holly is such a beautiful and unusual kitten being a black smoke where her undercoat is white and her outer fur is black. So lovely when she walks and you see the effect. Everyone who has come into contact with her from the person who first lifted her from the recycling plant to the vets and their nurses all find her absolutely adorable. She is confident and lively...all that she should be.

She has now found a lovely home where, as expected, she is absolutely adored. She has a new sibling kitten, a big sister cat and 3 dogs but she has them all fascinated by her antics.

Tiffany- The before(to the left) and after picture(to the right) here…. Wee Tiffany was in a really distressed way when she came into care, as she had cat flu so bad, she could hardly open her eyes to see and was totally choked with the cat flu. There was hardly anything of her, she was such a poor wee soul. In fact one of the Clyde vets said, that if she didn’t improve within the next 3 day period, she was to be put to sleep as her sight was so bad and no point in having a blind cat. But after 3 days of intensive nursing, wee Tiffany picked up and even started to play of all things. It was absolutely marvellous, she was simply meant to survive. Miriam the vet, could not believe it!! After that she just went from strength to 

strength, but did have continuing eye problems and did have to have a couple of operations on her third eyelid/tear ducts and some days she still has a wee teary eye due to her tear ducts getting blocked up a bit, but it’s a small price to pay, as she lives her life very much to the full now with her other feline friends and with Maureen one of our fosterers…Infact this is what Maureen says herself about Tiffany:-”She’s one in a million. She has a wonderful nature and she talks most of the time. Her best friend is Molly. They have a ball. There is never any nastiness with the other cats. I love her to bits.”

Oleg(to the left) is Steve's brother (Steve's story is below), who nearly died. After the bout of cat flu which all the kittens suffered, Oleg was always outside the bed and didn't seem to be doing very well. When it was realised his mum wouldn't put him back in the bed, we decided to supplement his feeding. Then one day, when he was with his mum and siblings, he was left out, sitting shivering, when all the others settled in one of the beds (mum too). After this he was kept indoors and hand raised. It was a long haul, but during this time, he started to thrive and he formed a very strong bond with Monsy, one of our own cats. They are now practically inseparable, play fighting, chasing and as you can see from the picture, snuggling in together. As a result, Oleg will stay with us for the rest of his life.

Steve was one of a litter of kittens born in one of our shelters. All the kittens in the litter had cat flu and one of his eyes didn't respond so well to the treatment. So when old enough, just after rehoming, Steve was taken to one of our vets again as his eye was ruptured and it needed to be removed. Here's what his new mum has said....."I'm much more happier now the eye has gone, as he was quite uncomfortable with it, the eye had ruptured when he had cat flu unfortunately, so the best outcome all round. He's doing great and has settled in really quickly, my mum is looking after Splash just now until Steve eye heals, as I was a bit scared his eye would get hurt." All back together now though after Steve's vets check up....

Ebbie - was found straying and taken into our care. But when she went to be neutered we found out to our horror that she had a dead rotting kitten inside her. This could have caused blood poisening and been fatal for this kittie if left to continue. Now she's made up in her new pad and a very contented lady!! 

Wee Caramac - came into our care along with his siblings in a dreadful unkempt state having cat flu, ear mites, a gummy unsightly eye, full of worms, completely under-nourished and was un-handleable. After being treated for all these things and after much petting and T.L.C. it was decided that Caramac would indeed need his eye removed. However going through this operation did not put Caramac up nor down and he was such a sterling brave wee soldier, that he tugged at the heart strings of a veterinary nurse in Clyde Vets, Lanark who took him home with her one day to join her family with her dog and her horse. Her dog and Caramac became the best of pals!!

Unfortunately this is not the only wee kittie that had to have her eye removed whilst in our care due to cat flu. As there have been a good few over the years... 

This is a before(to the left) and after(to the right) picture of Sally. She came into care as a stray kitten with a dreadful case of cat flu and had to have her eyes operated on and her tear ducts were blocked. Now for some feedback after homing:- "Hi Karyn, Thought I would wait a week before emailing you so I have lots of news about Liath (aka Sally)...... to say that she has set is an understatement, it feels like we have had her for years not just over a week!!!! She certainly takes everything in her stride, she was a little clingy with me to start with but I would assume that most of her time has been with women, now, however, she adores Moray and at this moment she is happily cuddling up to him on the sofa whilst Moray watches the football. She is maybe watching too as she finds the moving pictures on the TV fascinating. We have had no fisticuffs with Floyd the dog, he has seen it all before and pretty much ignores her, Liath on the other hand so 

wants to be his friend but is still at the cautious stage, she has the nerve to go and touch him when he is asleep, its hilarious. I don't think it will be long before she will be jumping in his basket with him, don't think she has had much to do with dogs before. She is such an intelligent wee thing, she knows her name already, and when I call her she answers with one of her little squeeks, so cute..........Charlie, our son adores her too, she has spent a couple of nights in his room until he got fed up with her playing with things all night and keeping him awake. Now she is sitting above my shoulder watching what I am typing to you, hope she doesn't join in in a I will send you another update after she has her first outing outside, that will be fun also as she does like to look out of the window at the birds flying by, she is not fussed to try and get out at the moment though which is good..."Kind Regards Caroline and Moray

TJ came into care at just 2 days old an abandoned wee kittie and still surviving without any food. Against all odds this wee kitten actually survived and he has a new home with a family who love him dearly and he's all grown up. Infact you can see a more recent picture of TJ in the success stories section.

His survival is all due to Mags's sheer dedication and unconditional love, when rescuing wee helpless kitties such as these. Please consider helping us to be able to help more kitties like TJ. He is certainly special!! This is a picture of TJ at just 3 days old, 2 and 4 weeks old.