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Listing of current cats and kittens in need of their forever loving homes..............

Also worth looking at our facebook group page regularly. Cat Action Trust Lanark & Central. 


BILLY AND SMUG are two very friendly 6 month old brother kittens looking for their forever home. Those two kittens love people. Billy is the cat with the white fur triangle on his face. Smug is the cat with the little white fur nose. Despite Billy and Smug not having the best start in life, they are now acting like the big kittens they are supposed to be. If you like cats that purr at the drop of a hat and like getting picked up, Billy and Smug are the cats for you. They love playing together. It is a race to see who can get to the top of the scratch post first. Billy and Smug get on well with other cats, and can live with a cat friendly dog and children of 6 years and over. Billy and Smug must be homed together as they love and rely on each other. Billy and Smug would love to get outside to when they are old enough so need a home in a safe area away from busy roads. Billy and Smug have been neutered. Their worming and flea treatment is up to date and they have been microchipped. Billy and Smug are being fostered in Blackburn, near Bathgate. If you think you can offer Billy and Smug a loving permanent, forever home, please contact Diane Tel 07964747379 or email [email protected]


WILLOW AND HARLEY are 2 beautiful, friendly mother and daughter cats that have found themselves in the most heartbreaking situation. Sadly their owner died very suddenly. Willow and Harley must now find their forever home. Willow and Harley rely on each other, so they must be homed together. Willow is mum cat aged 9 years old, sitting at the window in the photograph. Harley is the daughter cat, age 7, and is the cat, looking straight at the camera, in the photo. Willow will happy sit beside you for a cuddle. Harley enjoys her home comforts and is a bit shy until she gets to know you. Willow and Harley get daily visits from the neighbours chickens and strangely do not mind! Willow and Harley are looking for a quiet home. They can live with children aged 10 years and over. They have never lived with other cats so must be the only cats in their new home. They cannot live with a dog. Willow and Harley like the great outdoors so need a home in a safe residential area away from busy roads. Willow and Harley have been neutered. They are up to date with their worming and flea treatment. Willow and Harley are living in Uddingston near Douglas, ML11. If you are interested in offering these beautiful, friendly girls a home please text or phone Diane Litterick on tel 07964747379 or email [email protected]


MILKO. Do you want to live with the most affectionate cat in the world? Milko is a beautiful, friendly 10 year old, male cat looking for his new home through no fault of his own. MILKO is very loving cat who loves attention and will sit on your knee, belly, legs and chest for a cuddle. He will stare right into your eyes and sometimes wink at you, which is very sweet. Milko adores neck scratches and if you stop, he will softly paw you for more. Milko is looking for a quieter home as he gets startled by loud noises or sudden movements. He can live with children aged 8 years and over. Milko wants you all to himself so must be the the only cat in the house. He cannot live with a dog. Milko loves the great outdoors so needs a home in a safe residential area away from busy roads. Milko has been nuetered. He is fully vaccinated and microchipped. Milko is up to date with his worming and flea treatment. Milko is living in Glasgow. If you can find it in your heart to offer this beautiful friendly soul a home, please phone Diane Litterick on tel 07964747379 or email [email protected]


KEIRA AND BRUCE. Those two friendly, beautiful 2 year old cats are looking for their forever home through no fault of their own. Keira is the a girl Bengal cat. She loves a fuss and will bury her head in her little paws which is adorable. Keira is vocal and will let you know if she wants a treat or two. She is very protective of Bruce. Bruce a black and white boy cat. He is very affectionate and is so laid back. He loves his grub and will let you fuss him until the cows come home. Bruce loves to play. Keira and Bruce have grown up together. They adore and rely on each other, so must be homed together. Keira and Bruce have never been outside but one day they may want to potter about in an enclosed garden. A home away from busy roads is a must. They can live with children aged 8 years and over. Keira and Bruce want you all to themselves so must be the the only cats in the house. They cannot live with a dog. Keira and Bruce have been neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. We are looking for people who have a track record in vaccinating their cats. Keira and Bruce are up to date with their worming and flea treatment. Keira and Bruce are living in Lanark. If you can find it in your heart to offer Keira and Bruce a home, please email Diane Litterick at [email protected]

We are always looking for a good, outside home environments for neutered semi-feral, feral cats such as these.They come vet checked, neutered and up to date with their worming /fleaing. They are looking for regular food and shelter and they may eventually begin to trust you more hopefully, as you go. If interested, please contact Karyn on 07702273347 or e-mail her at [email protected]

Toyah’s life started in the worst possible way for a kitten when she was born into an established cat colony in an industrial area of Fakirk. In one way, she was probably quite fortunate for a “colony cat” as she survived those crucial early months of life to grow into an adult cat.Then her good luck ended as she became pregnant several times, giving birth to her kittens outside, probably in some dark corner where she thought they would be safe. In these situations, cats like Toyah are ill prepared for motherhood, as there is seldom a regular supply of food to nourish them and their unborn kittens. Once the little ones were born, she would have to stay with them to protect them from predators and other dangers, whilst all the time desperately needing food and liquid to enable her to feed them. Then, one day, Toyah’s luck changed. As part of an on-going CAT programme of TNR, she was trapped and taken into care to await the arrival of her kittens. It’s fair to say that, at first, she was not at all happy with this situation. For a feral cat, it can be stressful to be away from the familiarity of the colony and to have humans nearby. However, in Toyah’s case, her love of a good meal proved stronger than her natural desire to escape, and so she spent the last couple of weeks of her pregnancy eating, resting, eating, grooming and eating some more! Fortunately, this meant that when her five kittens were born, all of them were strong and healthy, and she was well prepared to care for them. After eight weeks or so had passed, these lucky, playful, socialised kittens went to the vets and then off to their forever, loving homes. Safely far removed from a life in the colony Toyah used to call home. Toyah turn now for a vets visit to be spayed, etc. So, what happened next? Did Toyah’s luck run out? Well, she continues to be a very lucky puss because she has gone off to live in a lovely new stable home, with plenty food and shelter, far from the terrible environment she was used to. From now on, she will never go hungry, never face the danger of heavy machinery and, most importantly, will never have to give birth and care for kittens outside again. Unfortunately, there are many cats like Toyah out there; living in dangerous environments, depending on the kindness of strangers for a crumb of food, hiding from people who would harm them, sleeping in cold uncomfortable dens, constantly giving birth to kittens outside. We need many more people to help offer cats like Toyah a permanent, safe environment, such as on good stables, smallholdings or farms. If you think you could help to rehome a neutered feral/semi-feral cat or two, please contact Karyn in Kirkfieldbank, Lanark on 07702273347 or e-mail:- [email protected]